So here we are at the launch of changing the world for women for the better and it is exciting to be here!But… for the doubters the non-believers and the ones that say aren’t there enough women groups and things going on already? What do we need PINKK for? I simply implore you to consider these truths:

Inequality is still pervasive
46% of the workforce is made up of women, and women account for 51.4% of middle managers in the U.S. but only 4.8% of Fortune 500 CEOs.  If not discriminatory and hard to say that by #’s alone it is certainly well beyond inequitable. It certainly isn’t lack of ability, 50% law school graduates are women, as well as 40% of medical doctors. Even MBA candidates (for decades a nearly all male pursuit) are now about 40% female.

 We do the same (or more?) but make less than men
The female to male earnings ratio in 2016 is 80.5%
Real media earnings of men is $51,640 and for women is $41,534
This makes a huge difference as takes longer to make money, to save money and we will have to work longer to do so

And Mom’s have a real challenge
According to research cited in Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In,43% of women leave the workforce when they become mothers for an average of two years (this of course varies depending on position, education, and financial situation). And many of these mothers would rather remain working or return to work sooner, but they can’t find employment that will accommodate their needs
And mothers who chose to remain working are likely to face “the maternal wall,” otherwise known as the bias that having children undermines a woman’s ability to perform in her career. Mothers are 79% less likely to be hired, half as likely to be promoted, and earn significantly less money than women with comparable resumes but without children.

This coupled with the fact that there are more of us than men sharing same issues,
The number of females in the US as of July 2016 164 Million. Men 159.1 Million

And we live longer than men and need to support ourselves and families
The approximate ratio by which women over age 85 outnumber men is 2 to1 (4.2 million to 2.2 million)

The only constant is change. Consider that 50 years ago not a lot of women were in the work force and relatively few went to college. No one owned a computer. There were no billionaires. Congress wasnt’ a version of pro wrestling and.So in another 50 years what will things be like?. What will be the norm?. My 103 grandma who just left us on 10/15 – 37 days before her 104 birthday – would tell you and I agree, that there is really no “normal.” Simply the relentless cycle of change. And while there is no normal together we can always work to change things for the better. She was and is ahead of her time!
For goodness sake if Bono of U2 asks,” Why is the World controlled by 50% of the population. Would you try to tie your shoe with one hand?” His message was #womenofworldtakeover. I got that message and I was not even there!

This is just the beginning of the facts and a whole other presentation!

Here are PINKK 2019 March Newsletters with some inspiring facts about women changing the world. PINKK 10


There are several ways women can join us:

  • Membership
  • Attend an event (discounts for members) themed and targeted events
  • Share your story online or in person at one of our events
  • Be a coach, mentor or advisor or consultant (you can apply on line to be part of PINKK team) www.nytimes.com/2018/09/26/smarter-living/why-mentoring-matters-how-to-get-started.html
  • Sign up as member for our PINKK Tool Kit in our Resource Center for access to other guides and assets
  • Make a donation
  • What we are talking about with PINKK is truly understanding what others want and then offering a solution with resources that matches women’s needs.

The underlying principle enabling this approach to work is that in a very divided space one of the great insights is that nothing brings us together as a community more than helping others… and creating success stories that are relatable.
Let’s share some stories here! We will share PINKK stories that we know will inspire!

Athena Golianis