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THE PROGRAM is filled for 2019!

Great news! We HEARD you and based on your input and wishes we are excited to announce the official launch of our PINKK PILOT MENTORING PROGRAM! Our PILOT program is a six month Individual/ (somewhat) Informal program.  You may have read in our newsletters or heard from one of our PINKK members and now it is happening officially and we are off and running!

It is FREE for all PINKK members and is FREE for all Mentors.

So what’s next? 

  •  Materials and Mentoring Tool Kit to participants July 30
  •  August 1 Live Launch at Harmer & Associates
  •  Celebration Wrap Party:   Monday,  December 16

We are delighted that we are launching this with input and in collaboration with KJ Company founder Kathy Jo Van.


We conducted live on line coaching event on the Power of Intention on July 18 with certified coach Kathy McCabe. See below for a video clip and a sample PDF (full video and conference slides available to our members in our tool-kit):

Now is a good time to join to get the full benefits of coaching programs now at no cost as a member.

Together we will keep growing and making the world a kinder better place for women and for all.

Spread the word and we will grow and inspire together.


  • We will be offering additional Mentoring Workshops/ Classes/ Coaching Sessions based on interest levels and Mentoring PILOT program results.
  • We will connect women who have a demonstrated interest and want to develop and learn and grow their business and careers through a mentor or a coach.
  • Here are some additional thoughtstarters  :Is Something Off in Your Mentor-Mentee Relationship?
  • Don’t know if you want mentoring or coaching and what that looks like check this out to learn more
  • Mentees and those looking for coaching can enjoy these kind of opportunities
    – Get connected with one of our amazing Mentors OR coaches
    – Lunch and learn sessions with accomplished innovators and leaders
    – Private receptions with mentors and mentees
    – Note all must apply and get matched.
  • PINKK will continue to partner with universities and colleges  to provide mentor resources as we evaluate needs this is all a learning endeavor for both sides!

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