Mentoring/ Coaching

We will be offering Mentoring Workshops/ Classes/ Coaching Sessions starting in  2019.

  • We will connect women who have a demonstrated interest and want to develop and learn and grow their business and careers through a mentor or a coach.
  • Here are some additional thoughtstarters  :Is Something Off in Your Mentor-Mentee Relationship?
  • Don’t know if you want mentoring or coaching and what that looks like check this out to learn more
  • We will organize by industry and biz segment
  • Mentees and those looking for coaching can enjoy these kind of opportunities
    – Get connected with one of our amazing Mentors OR coaches
    – Lunch and learn sessions with accomplished innovators and leaders
    – Private receptions with mentors and mentees
    – Note all must apply and get matched.
  • We will determine based on assessment if coach or mentor is best fit and provide resource recommendation
    – Discounted tickets to PINKK events
  • PINKK will Partner with universities and colleges provide mentor resources as we evaluate needs this is all a learning endeavor for both sides!

Please sign up and apply here and we can pair you with the right mentor or coach to suit your needs.

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