Overview of Previous Events


WEBINAR:  August 13, 5:30 – 7:00  ONLINE PINKK Educational Panel Event: Ending Racism

Now What?  Where Do We Go From Here to Stop Racism 

Systemic racism has long been an Issue in the U.S. and around the world.  PINKK conducted an open dialogue about the obstacles and challenges African American women  have experienced in their personal and professional lives and discussed in a safe space what we can do as a community to support our friends and colleagues who experience these racial discrimination’s as we all travel our life-long journey.

For more information or content contact info@pinkknow.com

WEBINAR: July 15, 2020, 5:00 CST – Webinar with Lisa Pachence Navigating Change with Courage, Power and Kindness. FREE for  PINKK members and friends.

  • PPT of event: PINKK – Navigating Change with Courage and Power and Kindness R1 AGW
  • WEBINAR: April 22, 2020, 12PM CST – Webinar with Lisa Pachence Find Purpose in the Pause: How to Turn Fear into Faith and Ferocity. 

  •  EVENTS, and COACHING, and Workshops. WOW!
    • ON LINE Workshop #2 Mindset Mastery: How to generate mental agility in your career and life:
      • Friday, February 28 noon
      • FREE for Members!
    FREE and priority for members, and a small fee for non members: We are thrilled to have Lisa Pachence, Life, Leadership & Career Coach and Professional Coach- Trainer conduct this workshops.
  • Members – see the Powerpoint slides and video in our member toolkit area! Non-members – if you’d like to access our toolkit, please get in touch on memberships! We’d love to have you!
  • Winter Walk on Sunday 2/23 to support Sarah’s Circle – to prevent homelessness for women.
    Help us #MeltAwayTheCold at the 28th Annual Winter Walk:
    A Mile in Her Shoes!
    For nearly three decades, Winter Walk: a Mile in Her Shoes has rallied support for women who are homeless in Chicago. By highlighting the extreme hardships women who are homeless face during Chicago’s harsh winter months, Winter Walk is an opportunity to show camaraderie, learn about homelessness, and raise crucial funds to end homelessness for women.
  • ON LINE Workshop #1: The Second Act: How to reinvent your career into something you love! 
    • Thursday, January 30th 5:00 pm CST
    • FREE for Members!
  • Members – see the Powerpoint slides and video in our member toolkit area! Non-members – if you’d like to access our toolkit, please get in touch on memberships! We’d love to have you!
  • 2nd Annual HOLIDAY KINDNESS LUNCHEONTuesday, December 10, 12- 2FIG & OLIVE: Member discount!
  • Flying by the Seats of Their Skirts is available NOW on Amazon! Get it here!
  • Thursday, October 10: 5:30-8:00 p.m.
  • University of Phoenix, Chicago
  • PINKK SUMMER  Power Hour
  • Celebrate the POWER of PINKK! 
  • July 25: 6-8 p.m.
  • Alice & Olivia 919  N. Michigan Avenue
  • Members FREE and non member rates
  • 20%  of proceeds go to PINKK
    • PINKK POWER HOUR: Live Coaching – The Power of Intention:
  • EVENT PURPOSE & VISION: How To Use Intention To Reach Your Goals FAST!

    Learn from Master Certified Life & Business Coach Kathy McCabe

    • Do you PINKKY SWEAR? Fashion Secrets and Inspiration
      JUNE 18, 6:00-8:00 PMHear secrets to inspire from innovators: Fashion designer Azeeza Khan and Cecil Booth – Co-founder of skincare line VENeffect.Inspire and be inspired, and be beautiful inside and out, supporting women founders and entrepreneurs.


      By invite only Azeeza: 900 N. Michigan Ave., 5th Floor
      Members FREE
      Discounts on sponsor products

  •  GET PINKKED NETWORKING Event: Tuesday, February 19, 5:30-8 PM
    American Marketing Association, FREE for members
  • Sponsored by:
    • American Marketing Association
    • VENeffect www.VENeffect.com
    • AGW Idea Group www.AGWIdeaGroup.com 
  • Thank you to Simona Blaugh, GM of Metroplitan Club for inspiration and telling her story!
  • WINTER: B2B NETWORKING EVENT for PINKK at Metropolitan Club
  • Private Invite for Members only:
    Tuesday, March 12, 8:00-10:00 AM
  • Empowering Women at All Stages
    Tuesday, April 9, 6:00-8:00 PM
    Invite Only: FREE for members/special guests: CLOSED
  • Our inaugural PINKK HOLIDAY KINDNESS Luncheon put true meaning to the K for KINDNESS in PINKK. We donated over $1,100 to IN HER SHOES FOUNDATION with support and contributions from our PINKK guests and members. Another sold out success.
  • When women support women great things happen.
  • PINKK Storytelling Panel Inspiration Event was held on Thursday 10/11 in Chicago to a sold out crowd! Six thought leaders told their real stories and shared their inspirational journeys! Join us to hear their stories and share yours!
  • https://youtu.be/HlkGdNDtL_U
  • When women support each other great things happen! More to come, stay tuned as we inspire & create opportunities for women to succeed… #inspiration #networking #branding #leadership #storytelling
  • The first PINKK THINK TANK was held on July 12 
  • AGW Idea Group gave a sneak peak of PINKK with an amazing selective group of women invited to participate in our first PINKK THINK TANK brand event.  Much gratitude to American Marketing Association Chicago for hosting and Kathy Jo Van and Ashley Fogler for leadership and guidance and to all participants for believing, sharing and supporting!
  • #networking #thinktank #participative #branding #marketing
  • Here Is What We Heard

  • “It is inspiring to see amazingly talented people working together to create something incredible.” -VR

    “I cannot express how wonderful I think your initiative is and am honored to have been among the first to hear your vision and participate in the pinkkstorm!  What a great group of women and I look forward to more opportunities to spend time with them!”

    “You are an ABSOLUTE JOY and I am so thrilled to be part of your “start-up.”  This is EXCITING and so necessary.count me in! Thank you again for including me!”

    “This is amazing! Kindness is what this world needs. And more people like you. Thanks for being an inspiration.”

    “Amazing. Thanks for including me… it’s going to be epic!”

  • We will have more events and salons with dynamic inspiring women and speakers/ authors/ thought leaders! Tell us what is of greatest interest to YOU!
  • Storytelling: real stories of overcoming challenges and obstacles to create opportunities
  • Key note speakers across biz segments
  • Panel discussion with key thought leaders:
    – Entrepreneurs
    – Corporate
    – Not for Profit
    – Artists
    – Technology
  • STEAM – have all areas covered – different focus each event add ART to STEM STEM becomes STEAM pivotal as we empower women to get more of those skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and create women inclusion in STEM. STEM combined with ART makes STEAM! The power behind the engine!
  • Relevant sponsors for each event
  • GUIDED speed networking and power mentoring
    – Speed mentoring with industry segments/ matches
  • Check back here for more events to come soon!
  • Event attendees and participants must abide by the following terms and conditions for all PINKK events.