Founder’s Story and Creation of PINKK

So here we are at the launch of changing the world for women for the better and it is exciting to be here!

My dream is to make the world a better and kinder place by empowering and inspiring and creating abundance for women from all walks of life and in doing so make YOUR LIFE BETTER!

I come from a long line of strong, fiercely independent and compassionate women who are the best role models – but their world and time was not easy. So this is for them and all of that came before and our here now creating and changing things in oh so many ways.

One thing we can count on is that the only constant is change. Consider that 50 years ago not a lot of women were in the work force and relatively few went to college. No one owned a computer. There were no billionaires. Congress wasn’t’ a version of pro wrestling and so on…

So in another 50 years what will things be like? What will be the norm? Perhaps the norm is irrelevant. My mother was a widow @ 28 years old and raised 4 children on her own while working full time (third shift and double shifts so more than full time) as a nurse. AND she was my Girl Scout leader, our room mother time and again and President of the Mother’s Club for a few years and was always there.

Out of sheer determination (and smarts) she got her Bachelor’s Degree and then a few years later her Master’s Degree at the age of 50 – again working full time with children at home. Not the norm especially then. Not easy. More like ROCK STAR. She “retired” at age of 78 and of course she still volunteers full time. Hard to find her at home. Coffee (no decaf please) is her friend.

My 103 grandma who left us 37 days shy of 104 on 10/15 started her own wedding cake business on her own in the early 1950’s out of her tiny kitchen in Pottstown and did so for over 45 years very successfully by the way. Wedding dates were set around her avails to do the cake. Really. She was doing organic and farm to table before it was a “thing” and there were no Whole Foods then and finally one “health food store” came to Peoria (near Pottstown) in the 1970’s. They called her a “health food nut”. Not the norm. I just know all she created was beautiful and the best tasting cakes and baked goods I have ever had. I am not alone. She was and is ahead of her time!

They would tell you and I agree, that there is really no “normal.” Simply the continuous cycle of change.

And while there is no normal – together we can always work to change things for the better. We will try.



To do so we will create a powerful brand experience and be a BRAND ENDORSER

⦁ We are a powerful brand about empowerment and inspiration, not just a group. The brand experience can be captured and shared as we grow. We will help you do what you want and contribute and inspire and have you inspire others.

⦁ Our goal is empowerment and inspiration and one way is storytelling!

⦁ We want to hear and share the stories of everyday real women who are accomplishing big things and hear about their achievements and how they overcame challenges. We want to understand their struggles, mistakes, and celebrate their wins and learn from their knowledge

⦁ We want to listen and understand and celebrate YOU!


⦁ We will also serve as an advisory board to other brands and companies and help them to become better corporate citizens for women.

⦁ We are going to support other brands and companies that are supporting women and give them greater brand awareness and recognition. (SALESFORCE)

⦁ There is a “PINKK seal of approval” as brand endorsement to those who earn it.

⦁ We are serving as advisors at companies to help them become better corporate citizens for women and helping them to help their employees feel empowered.

2. I Wish for PINKK to CREATE Opportunities and Abundance

⦁ A powerful idea sits at the heart of our country’s identity. No matter who you are, no matter where you are from, every person deserves an equal chance to get ahead. But we need the tools to do so, especially women. My hope is that this will allow us to help create opportunities.

⦁ This will have a professional thread but is created to be accessible and for women on all paths not just corporate. It is for entrepreneurs,’ women in transition, those leaving jobs, starting new jobs, students and graduates’, those starting out and those who are taking the next big step, mom’s returning to work and even their daughters who may be just starting on their journey. If is for all women who want to be inspired and want TO inspire.

⦁ We are here for new graduates going out in the world and need to have that safe place to start on the right path!

⦁ And for those leaving the safe place and all that they know as they move to next stage in career and life and looking for next place to go and grow… and experience ageism.

⦁ We want to make the world a kinder more abundant and secure place for all women today and into the future.

⦁ We are here for those who are overlooked. We all just want to be seen!

⦁ PINKK offers varied and diverse services with kindness and compassion. These include advising, coaching, consulting (business and marketing), networking and mentoring and events.

3. I wish for PINKK to GIVE BACK

⦁ What we are talking about with PINKK is truly understanding what others want and then offering a solution with resources that matches women’s needs.

⦁ We are about giving, supporting and believing and celebrating!

⦁ We tend to focus on our own needs and goals versus motivating others based on their needs and their goals. That approach yields extrinsic forces that rarely move people. Believe it or not, of all the types of happy and “whoohooo!” that exist, the greatest are those derived from truly helping others.

⦁  Especially when you help yourself along the way by choosing approaches that tickle and ignite the sparkle in you. It most certainly won’t hurt if you have fun, crank up the music, shake-shake-shake, and devour a new-found passion and find greater success while you’re at it. In fact, maybe we could use YOUR success

Considered like this, selfishness can be the new selflessness, and with far richer results!
My husband says (sports fanatic) if you don’t shoot you don’t score! So we will shoot for the stars from the grass roots and that is the story of my life and the best place to start PINKK!

To quote Nelson Mandella
“It always seems impossible until it’s done!”

PINKK is possibility!
For goodness sake if Bono of U2 asks,” Why is the World controlled by 50% of the population. Would you try to tie your shoe with one hand?” His message was #womenofworldtakeover. I got that message and I was not even there!


We will start in our own backyard and grow from there. Chicago is our launching pad! We will reach for the stars from the grass roots and be ambitious and authentic and KIND in our endeavors. We will go into other cities and areas based on need and interest.

Here is What I Know to Be True:

⦁ We will succeed with authenticity and resilience and gratitude!

⦁ We will reach those who want to be a part of this in a spiritual and relevant and practical way and appeal to women based on their affirmations.

⦁ All emanates from an act of appreciation and this affirms our connection to each other. Deepens our spirit…. And that act and as it expands can make a difference in the world

⦁ We need to GIVE BACK not GIVE UP

⦁ We all have a story. We all may not look like our story. The only way to be original is to tell our own story and truth.

⦁ Let’s make great things happen together starting now!

To your success and inspiration with heartfelt kindness.

Best to you on our journey together,
Athena and the PINKK PILOT TEAM