PINKK is in the business of kindness. PINKK the first of its kind empowerment and engagement platform and brand for women and girls. It is about Powerfully Inspiring Networking and Knowledge with Kindness. Hence the acronym that beautifully fits our vision. We will do this through women sharing real stories and their journey, with networking, mentoring, coaching and events. We will provide resources to help women succeed.

PINKK has a professional thread but is created to be accessible and for women on all paths not just corporate. It is for entrepreneurs,’ women in transition, those leaving jobs, starting new jobs, students and graduates’, those starting out and those who are taking the next step, mom’s returning to work and even their daughters who may be just starting on their journey. If is for all women who want to be inspired and want TO inspire.

We want to make the world a kinder more abundant and secure place for all women today and into the future. The PINKK brand is how we will do that.