Why Are We Creating This?

Because when women support each other great things happen!

And so why now? Why NOT now I ask you. Why we did not do this before is really the question. There is a huge need both locally and globally to help those women in all walks of life proactively, and we do not see that need changing. There is more need now for this than perhaps any other time in the world. Those in “need” come in many shapes and forms. Dignity and respect are paramount!

Getting at the truth/reality is becoming more difficult now. Sharing stories of hope and giving hope makes the world better. Look at the ME TOO movement and TIMES UP. PINKK is about helping and contributing to prevent those situations and go beyond to provide opportunities in advance – not in reaction. We want a paradigm switch!

We want to hear more about women and their needs and their real life success stories so we can help each other so that we make changes that will allow us hear LESS about all the bad behavior because there will be LESS of it. It all has to start somewhere and I say the grass roots is the way to start.

This is about kindness and giving and positivity. The same negative issues we all know exist will continue when good capable women do nothing.

It is time to rally, unite and to inform and we can use our collective power to create and GIVE.

  • The internet and social media allows for more transparency that consumers demand and the ability to create advocacy groups more readily.

We will bring forth ideas that elevate business and personal purpose, consciousness and humanity and We will empower and inspire the female leaders and believers of the future. When YOU expand what you’re capable of, everyone around you benefits.

Why This, Why Now?

  • It’s a transformational time for us
  • We all want to make the world better
  • Women are at the forefront of change
  • We are leading the charge to purpose
  • We want to live our authentic, personal purpose
  • Supporting one another is key
  • What we are talking about with PINKK is truly understanding what others want and then offering a solution with resources that matches women’s needs.