PINKK is all about the business of kindness.  PINKK exists to support and build up women in and from all walks of life. It is about creating kindness and abundance and opportunities by using the gifts and talents we all have to help and be of service to one another everyday.

It is a platform that starts with our collective POWER bringing us together.

It is about INSPIRING all to do more and be better and make the world a better place today and for the future.

It is a NETWORK of women who are the network and will net WORK and MENTOR and contribute to all learning from one another and providing KNOWLEDGE to others from our paths and our experiences. We all have learned that knowledge is power. And shared can become impactful at all levels.

Done with heartfelt KINDNESS and trust we can help to provide security and contribute to changing women’s lives for the better.

With PINKK done right one does not need to ask or put out their hand because they each have something the other wants and can give and kindness will win!